Knockout Foul Odors with Biolant BM!

Biolant BM Concentrate is an organic disinfectant that reduces odors in an environmentally safe manner. It is produced through a natural fermentation process using food grade ingredients.

Biolant BM Concentrate contains living beneficial microorganisms that reduce odors through microbial digestion of ammonia and produce lactic acid that kills pathogenic bacteria.

Use Biolant BM Concentrate around your home to knock out foul household odors from pets, kitchen waste, litter boxes, bathrooms, garbage disposals, etc. naturally without chemicals or perfumes. With only a light spray, Biolant effectively knocks down odors and drastically reduces fly populations.

Biolant BM Concentrate is naturally non-polluting and is safe to use around children and animals.

Biolant BM Concentrate is sold for only Php350.00 per liter (courier/shipping not included).

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