Beneficial Microorganisms

Microorganisms are tiny units of life usually too small to be seen by the naked eye. They are present everywhere in nature where there is liquid water, and are crucial to nutrient recycling in ecosystems as they act as decomposers.

Microorganisms are a diverse group; they include bacteria, fungi, green algae, plankton, etc., but they can be simply grouped into beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms.

Beneficial microorganisms (BM) are good to humans and used in food and beverage preparation. Pathogens are harmful and can cause diseases in people, animals and plants.

In 1982, Dr. Higa at the University of Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan, discovered a specific group of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms with a superb ability to revive, restore and preserve.

Beneficial microorganisms (BM) proved to be totally harmless to humans and animals. It was initially used as a soil conditioner in farms.Eventually , it was found to be very useful for the livestock industry in different ways. One of the most valuable contributions of beneficial microorganisms (BM) to the livestock industry is its deodorizing effect within confined facilities for poultry and piggery operations.

Current research indicates that beneficial microorganisms (BM) can suppress pathogens, accelerate the decomposition of organic wastes, increase the availability of mineral nutrients and useful organic compounds to plants, enhance the activities of other beneficial micro-organisms, e.g., mycorrhizae, nitrogen fixing bacteria, and reduce the need for chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Beneficial microorganisms help increase good soil micro-organisms and suppress harmful ones. They are a catalyst within vermicomposting as well because earthworms digest bacteria that break down food scraps and waste.

Beneficial microorganisms are produced from natural ingredients and traditional processes. They are usually sold as a liquid concentrate.

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